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backend tester resume

backend tester resume

Resume - Hi my name is Nick and I have a website

What I did do was a little bit of everything: Android test automation using. Designed and developed automated test suites in C# for back-end engine and web .

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Jan 31, 2015 - So, use this test and you'll get the people who don't understand software. and is better for most candidates than phone screening or resume reviews.. We use Python/Django on our backend and we found the tests are .

Curriculum Vitae, Resumé / Andrey Shipilov

Andrey Shipilov / Curriculum Vitae, Resumé.. Highload Apache or Nginx, uWSGI or FastCGI backend development and support. Strict SEO compatible website development and. Apple Safari. Mobile versions of web browsers for testing.

Philippe Van Dyck Resume | Resume Builder

Java architecture design - complete developer framework delivery • Test. backend isolated test and development (using stubs) in one integrated solution.

Ben Friedland - A Software Developer in the Bay Area.

From backend to front-end - mobile to desktop - system administration to. Python unittest, pytest, Test Driven Development (TDD), Selenium,. And since all the data is stored in a database - it is easy to export my resume in any format.

Major Test Plan Document

Mar 13, 2003 - Since the application interacts with a back-end system component, the Test Team will need to include a plan for integration testing. Integration .

.NET developer resume | Yaplex

If you wish to download resume in Word or PDF formats, please click on icons. for software development especially with agile practices such as Test Driven. Mostly responsible for backend development of new features using C#, ASP.

Resume - Electrical Engineering & Computer Sciences

CV (PDF). Department of Electrical Engineering Cory Hall, Room 545K Berkeley, CA. Core Storage Shared Services - Traffic Modeling and Backend Testing.

Resume -

Nov 7, 2015 - Generalist full-stack Ruby/Rails backend search engineer working on: 1) search. issues, event log tracking, user notifications, and unit testing.

Backend Automation Engineer Jobs in New York, NY.

Backend testing, Automation Testing, Selenium, SQL Queries, JavaScript, Behave. Our privacy policy: Your resume and information will be kept completely .